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Here is my latest video showcasing a classic Chinese dish cooked by my father, Scallion Ginger Oysters.







Here is a video I shot and edited for Deuce Eclipse a couple month ago. He is releasing his new album soon.

Download free music from the upcoming album Sunset Dialect, enjoy!!!









2012 Demo Reel.  Password is required to view.  Please feel free to email to request the password.


This sculpture was modeled in Maya according to a concept drawing.  The high res detail was done in Mudbox.  Multiple exposures of the room were photographed and the scene was lit with the hdri map that was created. The final render was completed with Maya Vray.

This time lapse video  was shot with Panasonic GF1. It is a showcase of beautiful areas located around Wellington, New Zealand. It also includes a scenes from a Halloween party that also took place in Wellington. 

This was made for a school project which won "Best Hard Surface Model for 2005" at The Academy of Art San Francisco University Spring Show: 
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